Abstracts { 365 images } Created 3 Dec 2017

The abstract art of Nature is everywhere. I see beautiful images and interesting shapes and colors wherever I go when I'm four-wheeling or hiking and camping. Capturing the natural designs I see has become my objective in photography as a special art form I can share with everyone who appreciates pictures that are more than just documentation of a pretty scene.

Yes, I love photos of magnificent landscapes and flowers and animals as much as anyone who enjoys being outdoors, but I visualize the three-dimensional world in just two dimensions when I aim my camera. While Nature is the origin of the abstract art I see, I want to make each shot tell a story that I hope will intrigue and motivate people to experience the environment around them with their imaginations as well as their physical senses.

The ultimate result I desire is to get the viewer to feel excitement and wonder like I do when I take the shot.
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